What Materials Are Used In Custom Metal Signs?

Metal signage is the new rage in advertising, and not without reason. It is an extremely effective way of getting your message across to the masses and as such is rapidly catching on in all sorts of different ways. Metal signs are lightweight, incredibly durable, and long lasting. You can even get signs custom designed to suit your specific requirements. What’s more, they’re now more than just being used for billboards.

The first big change in the world of metal signage came with the introduction of the LCD or LED display. They were revolutionary at the time and set a new benchmark in the world of marketing. LCD displays allow for vibrant color and large format displays, which were unheard of before. At the same time, LED technology allowed for clearer and more focused imagery than before. This has led to greater consumer understanding of what colors and images are important to them, resulting in a huge rise in sales – especially of products which use vivid colors and more detailed imagery. So, what about the different types of metal signage?

As well as the more traditional metal signage, we also see aluminum signs, which are a relative newcomer to the market. Typically available in a standard size and shape, aluminum signs are built to last with a long life span and the ability to be customized to individual requirements. Here, we look at some of the more popular finishes you can choose from to personalize your custom metal sign letters.

We’ve already mentioned the growth of customized signs, where you can get a wide range of different fonts and finishes to customize your materials. But there’s another type of custom metal signage that is growing in popularity – stainless steel. These types of metals are easy to maintain and rust free, making them very suitable for corporate business signs. Plus they are very affordable. From plain steel to chrome, stainless metals are easily customizable.

Stainless steel is similar to aluminum in terms of high quality, but it is much more corrosion resistant. This means that even if you do have a sign that gets etched or tarnished, stainless metals will resist discoloration and will not require repainting. They also go well with other colors and do not contrast with the color of the sign. Plus there are many number of different finishes available for these types of signs, which allow you to create a wide range of custom metal signs. Some of the most common finishes include brass, copper, chrome, and nickel.

We’ve looked at some of the more traditional metals used in custom metal signage, but there are some other metals that you may be surprised to know about. You might not have considered titanium as a material for your business signs but it is becoming more popular for this purpose, because it is an extremely strong metal and will not react with any other metals. For example, you can get this finish on your business signage if you want at any sign company in Palm Beach. And for those who are worried about the environment, titanium is the perfect material because it is completely recyclable. For business owners who want to make sure that their staff are environmentally friendly, this type of sign is a great way to make a real difference.