Furniture Refinishing Techniques: Furniture Refinishing With Faux Finishes

Furniture refinishing is a term used by many furniture refinishing company in Houston to describe the process of restoring wood furniture. Refinishing wood furniture involves sanding the wood, using penetrating oil based sealants, and polishing the piece. It may also involve removing old paint and coating the wood grain in order to change the color of the furniture, adding color to the piece by dying it, or just finishing the wood to make it appear darker or lighter. The word furniture refinishing refers to the entire process of applying the finish to wooden furniture and painting it in order to change the look and texture of it.

One of the most common reasons for furniture refinishing is repairing dents and dings in the piece. Dents and dings occur from everyday life such as heavy use, traffic, falling objects, or even furniture falling down stairs. These dents and stains are usually permanent and the only way to remove them is to have the item repaired. However, there are times when dents and dings can be removed by sanding them down, sealing them up with a protective stain, or applying a high quality stain guard.

Prior to applying any type of stain to a wooden piece, it is important to remove all furniture items that are in the immediate area of where the stain will be applied. This includes any and all furniture drawers, chests, shelves, etc. If it is possible, it is a good idea to move the items to a safer location while undertaking a furniture refinishing project. This will also help you apply the stain with minimal damage to the items that are not being moved.

Once all of the potential moving parts of a wooden furniture piece have been removed, it is time to decide what type of stain to apply. One of the most popular furniture refinishing techniques is called wood repair stain. This is used to restore wood to its original color, as well as restore patina, warping, discoloration, or scratches to their original appearance. A wood repair stains can also be used to restore a single damaged area on a furniture piece, or to fix an entire piece that has received stains from multiple sources.

Before applying the wood repair stain, it is important to thoroughly clean the piece using a mild dish soap and a soft brush. It is important to completely clean the piece in order to get the best possible results. When cleaning a piece, it is also important to ensure that all dirt and dust are completely removed. After cleaning the piece, it is important to apply the stain and allow it to air dry.

After the piece has dried, it is time to apply the faux finishes. Faux finishes can make a furniture refinishing project go a lot smoother, because they make a dull looking piece look brand new. For the best results, choose faux finishes that are a neutral tone, but are rich in color. When applying the faux finishes to a wood item, it is important to work in a fine layer of dressing. The dressing should be applied to the surface and then allowed to dry in the desired pattern. For more details on this visit